Our Vision

Changing Agriculture, Changing Lives

Our Mission

Raising individual, family, and community standards while revolutionizing the agricultural industry

Our Values

Honesty, fun, respect, humility, integrity, improvement, problem solving, hard work, gratitude, experimentation

Early on, we decided what kind of company we wanted to be.  Our core values make up the foundation of our company.  These principles guide our actions and behavior.  We strive to develop and live the values in how we do business with those inside and outside of our company.

The overarching banner of education influences every area of the business.  From sales and marketing, to employee development, education plays a large role in how we do business.  Our sales process focuses on educating customers about the benefits of our products as we understand their operations and needs.  Internally, we are committed to continuous education and employee development opportunities.  We strongly believe that if you are not moving forwards, you are moving backwards.

The business started, not as a way to make money, but as a way to design and build machines that will improve the way farmers live. Years ago a life-long hay farmer through determination, dedication, imagination and inspiration, realized there was a better way to harvest and bale hay. That farmer was Dave Staheli, our President and Owner. His dreams of a better way have become a reality for hay growers all across the country. Our products are the way to harvest hay.  The machinery we’ve developed changed our lives, and will change yours.  We are committed to creating and developing equipment that is either new to the market, or substantially improves an existing technology or process.  So far, we have changed hundreds of farmers lives for the better through the products and services that we provide, and we want to keep it that way.