The DewPoint provides very significant benefits with regards to truck and ship transport of hay.  By using the DewPoint process to provide your baling moisture, you can bale with thorough high quality steam injected moisture which provides excellent baling conditions, while maintaining an acceptable moisture level for storage and shipping.

Also, when using steam, bale density can be increased by 20 to 25% if desired, while baling at the same speed and utilizing the same horsepower. Increased bale density allows many more tons of hay to be stored under valuable barn space. Fewer bales are needed on trucks to reach legal weight limits.

Karl Schmutz, Director of Exports for “Mountain Sunrise Feeds” in Beryl, Utah has seen a lot of hay go through their Hay Press Plant over the years. They purchase 3×4 and 4×4 rectangular bales of Alfalfa, Oats, 3-Way and other forages from many growers. These Big Bales are run through a compression and repackaging process for both domestic and export sales. Schmutz comments,

“The Big Bales made with the Staheli DewPoint Machine are the best we see here. Because of higher bale density and quality, legal truck weights are easy to reach, the bales press and cut cleaner and easier through our plant and there is less processing waste because the hay stays together.
One of the main differences we notice is that the leaf retention in the DewPoint bales is very good throughout the entire profile of the bale from top to bottom. Since we slice these Big Bales into sections horizontally to create small compact bales, good leaf retention enables us to produce a consistent repackaged product from all sections of the Big Bale.

With conventional bales where the grower depends on only natural dew for baling we often see a lot of loose leaves which tend to filter toward the bottom of the flakes during the baling operation. That is a problem because the small repackaged bales cut from the top of the Big Bale have less leaves than those cut from the bottom.

Bales made using the DewPoint System are always consistent.”