Staheli West, Inc. was founded by Dave Staheli while managing Brent Hunter Farms in Cedar City, Utah.  The Summer of 1994 was predominantly hot and dry, and Dave had grown weary of not having any natural dew.  He was faced with the decision to bale dry hay that would shatter the leaves and lower the value of the hay, or continue to wait and risk further loss of quality. After seeking inspiration from above, he recalled seeing a tortilla steamer at a taco restaurant and the idea to apply steam to hay was born. Dave grabbed a box of dry hay from the field and fired up his wife’s pressure cooker and applied the steam to the hay.  He was amazed at how steam softened the dry hay.

The first prototypes were created and tested with a three-string baler.  After much trial and error, the machines worked and steam was applied to hay in the baling process.

In 1996, Dave successfully developed the first steamer that would be placed between a tractor and a big baler.  It worked great, and the results were even better.

In 1998, Dave licensed the technology to a major ag equipment manufacturer to take the DewPoint to the market. Dave worked with the manufacturer for 8 years, and in 2006 Staheli West received the license back.

In 2006, Dave went back to the drawing board, and with the original concept in mind, he completely redesigned the DewPoint machine. The DewPoint 6110 was born and after two years of successful operation, the machine was ready to be brought to the market.

After two successful years with the 6110 prototype machine, Staheli West builds the first five machines in a hay barn for commercial sale.

On a leap of faith, Staheli West purchases the old Scott Machinery facility to produce DewPoint machines. Cedar Welding and Western Powder Coating, along with several other local businesses, and a few in Europe, participate in commercialized production of the DewPoint.

Needing more room to meet demand, Staheli West purchases and upgrades vacant facility on Airport Road in Cedar City.

October 2013
The first DewPoint 6110 ventures across the pacific ocean to RyanAg Farms in Victoria, Australia.

December 2013
The 100th machine is sold to valley view ranch in Dyer, Nevada.

January 2015
The DewPoint 6210 is released.

April 2015
The 200th machine is sold to Binkley Farms in Wilcox, AZ.

January 2016
Staheli West begins working with dealers around the country to help sell and service the DewPoint machines

January 2017
The 300th machine rolls off the line at Staheli West headquarters in Cedar City, Utah.

October 2017
The first two machines are sold and sent to farms in Argentina.