The DewPoint is changing the lives of farmers all around the globe.  Hear what some of our customers are saying about us.

A Bracken Farms Story – Watch our latest media production about how the Brackens, in Enterprise, Utah were led to the DewPoint hay steamer.

After decades of trying different things to combat their problem of too little dew, the Bracken family, located in Enterprise, Utah, finally found something that would work.  It was Staheli West’s 72-hour challenge that convinced them that the solution to their problem wasn’t very far way.  In fact, just 40 miles to the East, Staheli West was producing and sending out hay steamers all over the world.

During the 72-hour challenge, which took place in Enterprise, Utah, Staheli West baled over 4,500 bales of quality alfalfa in a 72-hour period with one tractor, one steamer, and one baler.  Howard Bracken states, “That was the tipping point that probably changed our minds more than anything about the steamer.”