Here are a few possible comparisons regarding custom baling. You know your business better than anyone, so there may be more you want to know. Contact us with any questions.

How Fast Can You Bale?

Conventional: With a new 3×4 or 4×4 baler you can bale 40-50 tons per hour in the field.

DewPoint: With a new 3×4 or 4×4 baler and DewPoint 6110 you can increase your output to around 56+ tons per hour because of increased bale density which lets you increase your field speed to maintain an equivalent flake count per bale with each flake containing more hay.

How Long Can You Bale?

Conventional: You can bale when there is Natural Dew which is at an acceptable level for baling. This may range from 0 hours to 4 hours daily. Some days you may even get more time than that. It is difficult to project how much favorable baling time you will have.

DewPoint: You can bale anytime the hay is dry enough. In hot desert climates you may want to lay-off baling in the heat of the day, but in almost any climate you will be able to bale between 12 and 24 hours each day with well controlled baling moisture from start to finish.

How Many Tons of Hay Can You Bale Each Day?

Conventional: You will likely average 100 to 160 tons of baling per day per unit.

DewPoint: You will average 500 to 700 tons of baling in a 10-13 hour day with a single DewPoint/Baler unit. You can bale as much as 1200 tons in 24 hours if you need to.

How Many Acres of Hay Can You Bale Each Day?

Conventional: With a 2 Ton/Acre yield you will likely average 50-80 acres of baling per day per unit.

DewPoint: With a 2 Ton/Acre Yield you can bale 250 to 350 acres in a 10-13 hour day. Many DewPoint owners have baled more than 500 acres in a 24 hour period.

What Can You Get Done in One Month?

Conventional: If you custom bale for 20 days per month you will likely average 2000-3200 tons per month per unit and will cover 1000 to 1600 acres (with a 2 ton/acre yield).

DewPoint: If you custom bale for 20 days per month you could average 10,000-14,000 tons per month per unit and cover 5000-7000 acres. (with a 2 ton/acre yield at 10-13 hours/day)

How Will The DewPoint 6210 Affect Your Employees?

Conventional: You need an operator for just a few hours each day to run each baler. They either have to wait in the field for the right dew conditions or someone else has to be the field checker and sound the alarm when it’s time to go.

DewPoint: Your Machine Operators can plan on a good day’s work each day. They can come at a specific time of your choosing and start baling when they get there. Oh, and you can either use far fewer operators or you can expand your business with a predictable business plan.

How will the DewPoint System Affect Marketing Your Operation And Hay?

Conventional: Your Customers and their Hay Buying Customers hope that you can get your baling done each day with at least reasonable baling moisture conditions. There are often times when you have to bale hay too dry or just let it lay in the windrow for days until you get sufficient natural dew to bale.

DewPoint: Your Customers and their Hay Buying Customers will know what to expect from you every time. You will be able to bale all their hay with excellent, controlled moisture conditions with good leaf retention and bale conformation. They can count on a certain number of acres and tons being baled each day. They will be able to plan their entire season more accurately with predictable results.