Below are some common questions that some may have regarding the DewPoint hay steaming system.

What is the purpose of the DewPoint 6210?

To enable Hay Growers and Custom Baling Operators to bale high quality hay across a wide variety of ambient conditions with the ability to control baling moisture conditions.

Why would I want to apply steam to my hay?

When hay is too dry to bale, steam is an extremely effective moisture medium for controlled hydration of hay during the baling process.

When steam contacts dry crop material it instantly condenses and bonds with other water molecules in the vicinity which causes instant absorption into the dry crop material. This softens the dry hay instantly and creates a perfect baling condition.

In terms of quality, how does steam compare to natural dew?

Using Steam Dew Simulation will produce hay that is as good as a high quality natural dew. The difference is that you can produce this high quality baling condition across a wide variety of conditions including very dry and even windy conditions both day and night.

What’s the difference between spraying water and steaming?

Spraying water on hay can work if the conditions are just right. But like “natural dew”, often the conditions are not right or are limited to a small window of time each day. Water absorbs relatively slowly into the dry crop tissue which requires a separate spraying operation. This requires more people and equipment.

Using Steam Dew Simulation will produce hay that is as good as a high quality natural dew. You can produce this high quality baling condition across a wide variety of conditions including very dry and even windy conditions both day and night. Since the Steam Dew Simulation System is incorporated into the baler, both operations are run simultaneously by one operator. Much less equipment and fewer operators are required.

When baling, where is the steam applied?

Steam is applied above and beneath the baler pickup as the windrow is lifted from the ground and further as it passes through the packer chamber. The steam rate is infinitely adjustable both on the Top and Bottom of the windrow to address a variety of moisture conditions in the windrow. Click here for an in depth look.

Won’t I lose a lot of leaves at pickup?

No. DewPoint owners all agree that they are actually saving leaves they would normally lose, even with natural dew. Watch their testimonial videos here. The steam that is injected into the top and bottom of the windrow reacts so quickly that leaf retention is increased. Click here to learn more on how the machine works,

How does the DewPoint 6210 affect my baling speed?

The DewPoint system will allow you to bale 15-25% faster than you could conventionally. The reason for this is that more hay is packed into each flake of the bale because the steam softens the hay and allows it to pack easier and at a higher density.

How many acres can I bale in a day with a DewPoint 6210?

You will find that you can bale 200 acres in 6-8 hours with one machine, depending on yield. Many DewPoint owners have baled over 500 acres in a 24 hour period with one machine, when they have needed to. Watch their interviews here.

What are the operating costs of running the DewPoint 6210?

You will consume approximately ½ gallon of Diesel Fuel per ton of hay on average to produce steam. So the cost of fuel will drive the cost of operation. You will also spend about 15-20¢/ton for water conditioning. Currently (Fall 2012) the total cost of operation is around $2/ton.

The Operating Costs are more than offset by improved leaf retention and increased dollar value of the forage. Watch some of the owners explain how it increased the value of these testimonial videos.

How often do I have to refuel and refill the water tanks?

The on-board Supply Water will last 3-6 hours, depending on the steam injection rate.

The fuel will last for 3 loads of Supply Water (9 – 18 hours)

Do I need a bigger tractor to pull it?

We recommend a 170-180 horsepower tractor for relatively flat terrain.

On more hilly country a larger tractor at 200-250 horsepower will be required.

How is maneuverability? I don’t know how to drive a train.

Thanks to the geometric design of the DewPoint 6210 you will have, at least, the same maneuverability as a tractor with only a baler attached. See for yourself in the field footage video. Some owners have said it actually decreases their turning radius.

How difficult is it to operate the DewPoint 6210?

Easy! If you already know how to operate a Large Square Baler you are 80% of the way there. The touch screen operating system is very intuitive and easy to learn. We sponsor pre-season training seminars for DewPoint Owners to help you become familiar with the entire system. Watch the 6210 operating training video to see how to operate the machine.

How do I set up my operation to accommodate one?

Before you finalize your purchase of the DewPoint system we help you assess your current operation and define and understand everything you will need in place to fully implement the DewPoint 6210 into your operation. It is not complicated. Contact Us now to get the process started.

When and where can I see one operating?

There are several ways to do this:

      • Call Us. We will provide DewPoint Owner contact information to you if you are initiating a serious inquiry. Then you can call these owners and arrange a time you can see them or just visit with them by phone.
      • We have produced Customer Comment Videos this year where you can watch the machine working in several operations and hear what these Owners have to say about their experience with the system.
      • Occasionally we may sponsor a field demonstration in various areas of the country. If you would like to be on a contact list with us we will inform you of these demonstrations.