by Staheli West

Leaf Retention

University studies have shown that using the DewPoint can lower leaf loss by over 50%.

Added Yield

Get your hay up quicker, and your water on sooner, adding tonnage at the end of the year.

Increased Consistency

From the first to the last, all your bales can look the same. Choose the type of hay you want to make, and go make it.

The DewPoint hay steamer is changing lives and for farmers all around the world. Each operation is unique, but the DewPoint can be used in a variety of situations.

Download the Value Spreadsheet by clicking below and see how it will work for your farm.

Welcome to the DewPoint Hay Steamer by Staheli West

Staheli West’s DewPoint machine is a game changer – in the agriculture industry,  and in the lives of those who use it. The DewPoint allows you to control the type of hay that put up. Instead of waiting on mother nature to provide the dew, you’re in control. Bale when you want, be it day or night.

No longer are you constricted to hoping for the perfect conditions to bale your hay. Using the DewPoint hay steamer you set the conditions.

Dave Staheli, President

Here’s what Dave has to say about the new DewPoint 6210

“I’m so excited about the improvements we’ve made, I wish I could go back to the farm and steam some hay. I know you’ll love what we’ve done.”

The Benefits to Steamed Hay

Bale Consistency

Marketing hay is much easier when your bales are consistent from the first to the last. Your customers will know what to expect every time.

Bale Weight

When using steam, bale density can be increased by 20 to 25% if desired, while baling at higher speeds. Increased bale density allows more tons of hay to be stored under valuable barn space. Fewer bales are needed on trucks to reach legal weight limits.

Better Leaf Retention

Replicated University studies have proven that baling hay with the DewPoint system consistently cuts leaf loss in half compared to baling with good natural dew.

There Are Over 300 DewPoint Machines In The Field

From Pennsylvania to Mexico, and Oregon to Australia, the DewPoint is positively changing lives in a variety of climates.

Testimonials From DewPoint Owners and Operators

Perry Van Tassel

It paid for itself the very first year I owned it. We see rain coming and we just get out and we bale it, and we beat the storm. It’s definitely a huge positive for our operation.

Perry Van Tassel
Chris Payne

We’ve added about 125 pounds per bale. We’re pulling summer out of a 3×4 baler running 1,400 – 1,425 [pounds per bale]. You can walk behind the baler and see the leaf retention.

Chris Payne
Jason Brumley

If you’re looking to get one of these machines, rest easy that it is money well-spent. This machine is going to make life easier on you.

Jason Brumley